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Xtreem Carnivorous 3″ Assortment

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Child friendly packaging and outstanding variety selection make the Booman Floral line of Carnivorous Plants unique. Our proprietary design keeps soil in the pots, allowing us to ship FedEx to any US destination, plants intact!

 Trapper, our cartoon mascot, hovers over his baby plants, and surveys potential buyers. Spiny teeth gnarling, his head floats above the plants, grabs kids’ attention.  Customers smile and say ‘Wow!’  Kids of all ages love these plants and enjoy growing them in the window. A great novelty for anytime.

Our innovative terrarium packaging not only shows off the carnivorous plants, it keeps them alive. We know of children who have kept them alive 5 years in these boxes. Complete care instructions are included with every plant, as well as reference to a support website with more carnivorous plant care instructions and interesting info.

Each colorful tray holds 24 assorted plants. Normally we pack 12 Venus Flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) and a mix of 12 other carnivorous plants of Octopus Plant (Drosera species), Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia species), Starfish Plant (Pinguicula X ‘Titan’). Assortments vary seasonally, and may not contain all varieties. Venus Flytraps and Pitcher Plants are normally 2+ years old for this pack. Older plants tend to produce larger traps.

Our packaging is flashy and great placed on a plant cart, store shelf, or at a checkout. This packaging also protects the plants from curious fingers in the stores and allows us to ship individual cases directly to your locations.




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