Pitcher Plant ‘Cobra Nest’ 6″

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Product Description

Cobra Nest is one of a kind.  You are looking at the world’s first patented Carnivorous Plant, developed right here at Booman Floral.  Snake like red hooded leaves twist up to the sky, and snare an unbelievable number of flies by the end of summer.

What makes so unique we could patent it?  Genetics, of course.  This is a complex hybrid.  The mix of genes in this plant are found in no other.

What this variety offers the world is unfussy growth, bright red coloring, heavy branching, and a compact growth habit that does not collapse when watered.  Unlike its wild relatives, this hybrid almost never quits growing, and it seldom loses all its leaves.  While these characteristics make it ideal for a home owner, they also make it possible for the commercial nurserymen to grow them successfully in timed crop production as well.


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