Breynia nivosa Hawaiian Snowbush
Breynia nivosaBreynia nivosaDSCN5701ed1Breynia Flower

Breynia nivosa ‘Hawaiian Snowbush’

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Snowbush is a tropical shrub that typically grows 2-4′ tall. It is grown for its attractive red zigzag stems and variegated foliage. Elliptic to ovate green leaves (to 1″ long) are liberally mottled with white. Genus name honors John Breyne, 19th century German botanist.

Highly colored foliage makes Snowbush a gardener’s favorite. The papery leaves are rose, white and green. Stems are bright red.

The slender, angular branches of Breynia nivosa are densely clothed in colorful green leaves marbled with white. Its pink, white and green leaves have a flower-like appearance, hence the plant’s other common name of leaf flower. The actual flowers, which are insignificant and greenish, are sometimes produced.

An interesting feature is the plant’s ability to change color. In sunny locations the color of the new leaves starts out green, then maroon, then pink, and finally changes to pure white. If placed in shade the leaves will turn green. Leaves also turn green with age. Maintain color year round by placing it in a sunny area.


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