Zygocactus Specialists — Amazing Colors

Booman Floral offers a staggering number of colors of Zygocactus, in large quantities, in many sizes.  Have you ever seen a yellow or orange Zygocactus? We have them.  Pot sizes include 3″, 4″, 6″ and 6″pans. We also have upright and hanging basket varieties.Whether you need one box, or half a semi, we can supply your needs at price points that work for your market.

Technically, Zygocactus belong to several genera. But at this point, with so many hybrids available,  the old Latin name Zygocactus is the catch-all term for these winter blooming epiphytes.

The Southern California climate is ideal for this “cactus of the jungles.”  Our dry cool air allows these plants to grow disease free. Our high light helps the plants develop strong healthy leaves and roots, which promotes heavy flowering.

We offer contract growing on these items as well.  Mid Spring, we offer 105 cell liners of Zygocactus.