Xtreem Plants™ Program

Booman Floral is your source for some of the world’s most unusual, fascinating and hard-to-find plants!

Fact is, there are some really interesting plants out there, and they are great “hooks” for a new generation of gardeners. Usually only collectors know about them. Some are downright beautiful. Some are odd looking, and mimic twigs, rocks, insects. These great plants deserve wider distribution.Xtreem Plants is a natural extension of what Booman Floral offers. As a specialist in unusual plants, we have large collections of varieties which most wholesale growers do not carry. Most wholesale growers focus on “Velocity Items,” those items which high volume stores can sell quickly. This trend depresses the variety offerings at the store level. Booman Floral is dedicated to working opposite of these trends. Viola! Welcome Xtreem Plants!

Teachers and Environmental Educators find our Xtreem Plant collections ideal as “hooks” to interest their students in the green world. But beyond educational value, these plants are fun.

“Xtreem Plant’s Mission is to provide access to as many of our planet’s fascinating plants as we can find market for, and offer them at prices the wholesale market can accept. Xtreem Plants also targets a younger crowd of buyers.”

Five great reasons to offer Xtreem Plants to your customers:

1. Presentation

We have spent years developing user friendly Point of Purchase (POP) to attract buyers. We have focused on young buyers, but aimed to make the billboards and packaging attractive to adults as well. Our copyright protected graphics features Trapper and his blood thirsty friends in an upbeat positive way to attract children’s interest.

Retail-ready display tray: child-friendly POP

2. Packaging

We have designed specialized packaging to keep plants alive in the stores and homes with our Carnivorous Plant crystal boxes. In fact, other growers have begun to copy our pioneering efforts here. The Carnivorous Plant boxes act as mini-terrariums. We have reports of children being able to keep Pitcher Plants alive in desert dry state of New Mexico for 5 years when left to grow in our packaging.

Clear plastic packages act like mini-terrariums

3. Information

We are committed to providing accurate cultural information. Many times, the limited space on a plant care tag or box does not allow enough room to explain all that an end consumer may want to know. To solve this problem we created an information support site. Labels on our products link to this site where end consumers can find answers to many questions which other customers have asked us over the past 20 years.

Our Carnivorous Plants support website

4. Collections

We try to offer products which make people smile and bring smiles to others. Our herb collections offer a novel way to sell herbs in stores: collections prepared by how a cook would use them. One pot is for eggs. Another is for Poultry. Yet another is filled with herbs commonly used to season Beef. Our Living Chocolates collection is a not so tongue in cheek play on words. We were thinking first about gifts for men on holidays, especially for Father’s Day when it would be nice to find a gift beside another neck tie or high calorie box of chocolates as a gift option. We first thought our Sweetheart Hoyas would be great for Valentine’s Day, and then found that our customers liked the gift of love at other major holidays including Mother’s Day.

5. New Approach

Sometimes the plants we offer in these Xtreem Plant collections are not new or even rare. But what we do is present a new use. For example, our Sweetheart Hoyas are sold with a golf pencil so that customers may scratch a message on the leaf, watch it scar over, and enjoy the love note on a plant which can stay living for months or years. Another example is our Xtreem Plant Chinese New Year Collection. This is one holiday which is celebrated by many people in our major cities with high Asian populations. We have tried to focus on plant offerings which compliment this holiday time. Unlike Gregorian Calendar New Year celebrations, the Chinese New Year is often celebrated for a month following the holiday, giving ample time to sell plants for gifts or room decorations.