Carnivorous Plant Program – “World’s Largest”

Booman Floral is the world’s largest grower of Carnivorous Plants

We’re also a leader in protecting plants in the wild, and a pioneer in the development of new varieties. In fact, Booman Floral was awarded the first patent ever issued for a hybrid Carnivorous Plant, “Cobra Nest” – a colorful and easy-to-grow dwarf Pitcher Plant.

When you buy plants from our nursery, you are protecting Venus Flytraps and Pitcher Plants in their natural environments. 100% of our plants are grown right here in California – none are “ripped from the wild.” We maintain our own breeding stock for seed production, and propagate endangered species in tissue culture. Our environmentally sound programs have earned us a CITES certificate which allows us to ship Venus Flytraps across international borders.

Your customers will benefit from our decades of experience. Our product care information links to accurate HELP pages at, where we answer the most common questions that customers have.

Growing these plants in the desert climate of Southern California takes considerable investment in greenhouses, specialized equipment and controls. Studies, analysis, lab reports, trips to the areas where they grow naturally, were all part of the 20 years of homework we had to do to learn to grow these special plants. Most people are surprised to learn that the little plant in their hands is often over two years old before we could sell it. These plants take time to grow.

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We are proud to share a few photos that show the amount of work it takes to bring these amazing plants to you.