Florist's Gardenia

Natural perfumes make a beautiful plant a very special gift.   We have created a line of fragrant plants for distribution by Florists … [Read more...]

Xtreem Plants™ Program


Booman Floral is your source for some of the world's most unusual, fascinating and hard-to-find plants! Fact is, there are some really interesting … [Read more...]

Rex Begonia Program — Recognized World Leader

Evelyn Weidner - Corkscrew Picotee, Neon Pink

The world's widest selection of Rex Begonias of original breeding No other propagator in the world takes Rex stock plant maintenance to the level or … [Read more...]

Zygocactus Specialists — Amazing Colors


Booman Floral offers a staggering number of colors of Zygocactus, in large quantities, in many sizes.  Have you ever seen a yellow or orange … [Read more...]

Epiphyllum Program – Deep Genetics


Sometimes old plant varieties are as good today as when they were first developed.  Consider Epiphyllum the "Heirloom Tomatoes" of the Ornamental … [Read more...]

Carnivorous Plant Program – “World’s Largest”

Booman Floral Venus Flytrap Close up

Booman Floral is the world's largest grower of Carnivorous Plants We're also a leader in protecting plants in the wild, and a pioneer in the … [Read more...]