Cultural Information

Immediately Upon Arrival:

Remove from box

Place trays in bright, dry,  frost free location

DO NOT WATER for two days to allow leaves damaged in shipping to heal

Ideal Planting Conditions for Zygocactus

Soil: Organic peat plus perlite is ideal.  Bark/ peat/ perlite mixes are fine also. For small pots, 2″ or 3″, a tighter mix is fine, such as Sunshine #5.  However, for larger pots, more pore space is needed to prevent root rot and over watering.

Plant and water normally.

Ideal Growing Conditions for Zygocactus


Light: 1200-2000 ft candles

Heat:  Keep from freezing. Tolerates low night temperatures into 40′s.  Optimum winter night temperatures are 50+.  Daytime ideal is 65-85f. Temperatures can run up to 100f without damage if air movement and humidity are provided.

Water: Allow soil to become almost bone dry before watering thoroughly.

Humidity: 55%

Air Movement:  Essential.  Keep air moving constantly so that water never sits long on leaves.

Fertilizer: Any balanced feed. Low nitrogen demand, e.g. 180ppm N. Keep acid, e.g. pH 5.5-6.2 to avoid chlorosis.

Diseases: Few.  Spray to prevent Mealy Bugs and Spider Mites.  If leaves are kept dry, no fungicides will be needed.

Finishing Times for Zygocactus

4″ Finish

Finish time: Appx 9 months, planting to sale.

Zygocactus set buds after the Fall Equinox, September 21st.  Buds will set on all terminal growth in October.  Flowers will open November and December, no matter when they are planted. These are “Short Day” plants.

We provide 105 cell plugs to save you shipping expenses.  These plugs have 3 plants with multiple leaf segments. No pinching is recommended.

Plant plugs 1 per pot in Spring, and you will have salable 2″, 3″ or 4″ products in Nov/Dec.

Our plugs are available in March each year.

6″ Finish

Finish time: Appx 2 years.

Plant 3 plugs per pot.  Plants will be large and robust by November of the following year.  Pots may be left pot to pot the first year.

Another option is to shift the 4″ plants into 6″ pots in winter.