Brunfelsia forcing

Cultural Information

Immediately Upon Arrival:

Open boxes to allow air to enter.

Plant at once.

Ideal Planting Conditions for Brunfelsia forcing

Dormant Liners for forcing are available only in January.

Force in manner similar to Azaleas.

Each Liner has multiple woody stems or branches, about 8″ tall. Rootballs are 3-4″, shipped without the pots.

Plant one plant in a 5″ or 6″ pot

Soil: Acid, ph 5.5-6.0, organic, well draining.  Peat/Perlite mixes work well.

Water in. Keep moist.



Ideal Growing Conditions for Brunfelsia forcing

Brunfelsia close up

Grow cool in a house with good air movement. Outdoor shade houses are ideal in frost free locations.  Primrose houses are ideal in colder climates.

Temperature: 50-55f Nights

Light: 1000-1200 ft candles

Fertilizer: Heavy feeders. Keep Nitrogen high to keep leaves deep emerald green, e.g. 225ppm N in a balanced feed.  Apply iron chelate drench if interveinal chlorosis. Chlorosis almost always is due to high pH, and can be corrected with one iron chelate drench.

Insects: Aphids, Spider Mites.  Maintain a preventative spray. Try to avoid spraying once flowers color as many pesticides bleach the deep blue-purple color to white.

Spacing: 10″ centers


As new leaves and shoots develop, remove any old damaged leaves from last season.  The goal is to develop a “ball” of fresh new foliage.  Do not pinch. Flowers will form at the terminal end of each short branch.

Plants will tolerate lower temperatures, down to a degree or two above freezing.  The colder culture will delay flowering.

Cool night temperatures promote flowering. Plants we grow at 55f nights will produce a heavy mass of flowers in Spring, then continue to bloom all summer.  Warmer nights will drive the plants into pure vegetative growth.

Finishing Times for Brunfelsia forcing


Flowers will appear on new side shoots in about 8 weeks

Brunfelsia 10 inch

on a plant about 6″ wide by 10″ tall.