The Resurrection Plant – Spring Back to Life!

Resurrection Plant

What looks like a dried up clump of leaves magically opens into a green, living plant when placed in water! Adapted to desert environments, the … [Read more...]

Clerodendrum Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

Clerodendrum thomsoniae 'Bleeding Heart' … [Read more...]

Rex Begonias!

Begonia Horizontal Collage

With leaves like these, who needs flowers? Colorful assortments of Rex Begonias available this spring! … [Read more...]

Sweetheart Hoya

Hoya Hearts

Feel the LOVE!  Try a case of our Hoya Hearts for Valentine's Day. Included pencil allows customers to write a permanent message on the leaf. … [Read more...]

Carnivorous Plant Collection


***New Display Tray for 2015***A grower’s choice assortment of carnivorous plants that catch or trap and eat insects, these extremely unusual … [Read more...]