Euphorbia geroldii – Thornless Crown of Thorns


All of beauty of standard Euphorbia, without the hassle of thorns! Vibrant orange color is a must-have for spring! Volume available now! … [Read more...]

The Resurrection Plant – Spring Back to Life!

Resurrection Plant

What looks like a dried up clump of leaves magically opens into a green, living plant when placed in water! Adapted to desert environments, the … [Read more...]

Clerodendrum Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

Clerodendrum thomsoniae 'Bleeding Heart' … [Read more...]

Rex Begonias!

Begonia Horizontal Collage

With leaves like these, who needs flowers? Colorful assortments of Rex Begonias available this spring! … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Snowbush

Breynia leaf with flower

Snow covered crop! Breynia nivosa will be available late spring - summer. Book your volume orders early! … [Read more...]

Madagascar Jasmine 50-cell Liners – Available Spring 2015!

Stephanotis 50 cell Tray

Stephanotis floribunda is always a customer favorite! Trailing growth habit and deeply fragrant flowers make these ideal trellis plants! 50-cell … [Read more...]

Hoya for the Holidays!

Hoya Christmas Crop

Living Holiday Cards! Scratch a message in this Hoya kerrii leaf, and within a week it scars! These heart-shaped leaves can live for YEARS with your … [Read more...]

*NEW* Xtreem Assorted Living Chocolates

Xtreem Chocolate Display

New to the Xtreem line of retail-ready novelties, Assorted Living Chocolates! This fun alternative to a traditional box of chocolates includes two … [Read more...]

Desert Rose Adenium obesum – Liners Available Now!

Adenium obesum 84-cell Liner

Desert Rose liners are available to ship now! Offered by color: Red, Pink, Picotee. These South Africa natives are show-stoppers in spring. Large, … [Read more...]

Zygocactus Liners

Zygocactus 105 cell

Beefy California Grown Zygocactus plants for growing on. 4" prefinished plants can ship Fedex ground to your door, and will finish as full 6" uprights … [Read more...]