About Us

Unusual – that’s us.

It all started with a few Cyclamen and a passion for unusual plants.

25 years later, we have been recognized for our work breeding Carnivorous PlantsRex Begonias, and Orchids. We lead in production of ZygocactusHawaiian Snowbush, and specialty Orchids. Our Novelty Plant Collections and Xtreem Plants line push industry boundaries with in-your-face child friendly packaging. Our genetic collections of Fuchsias, Streptocarpus, and Epiphyllum are deep.

From plugs to 12″ pots, our unique plants come in flats, uprights, and hanging baskets. Our Xtreem Plants(R) brand promotes unusual and fun plants in colorful retail-ready display trays. Contract growing is also available.

Volume, reliability and outstanding customer service is provided to wholesalers, brokers and retail garden centers. Orders may be picked up at our Vista location or drop-shipped anywhere in the US and Canada.

Started in 1990, Booman Floral roots 2 million cuttings per week and produces 500,000 finished plants in our 160,000 sq. ft. of heated greenhouses. With over 20 patents , we are the innovators you can trust for plants of exceptional quality and beauty.

Our Mission

The Mission of Booman Floral is to introduce unique plants and promote them with a sense of humor. Booman Floral focuses on flowering plants and novelties of exceptional beauty and quality.

  • Our Products must continually improve and be the standard of quality in our industry.
  • Innovation. We move counter to trends, slightly off center. We seek elements of surprise and humor to delight our customers.
  • Outstanding customer support. We will lead with accurate useful information.


Starting from bare ground in 1990, Booman Floral built 160,000 square feet of heated greenhouses, and a national reputation as a color grower and propagator of unusual plants. We have built over two acres of propagation areas with the capacity to grow two million rooted cuttings per week.

  • We are the world’s largest wholesale grower of Carnivorous Plants.
  • We patented 21 Rex Begonias suited for commercial production.
  • We patented the World’s first Carnivorous Plant, ‘Cobra Nest.’
  • The Hawaiian Snowbush has been successfully mass marketed by Booman Floral.