Exceptionally beautiful. Extremely unusual.

With over 20 patents, 160,000 sqft greenhouses, and two million cuttings rooted per week, Booman Floral, Inc. is the largest propagator of Rex Begonias in the US, and the largest grower of carnivorous plants in the world. And that's just the beginning. Learn more about us.
  • The Resurrection Plant – Spring Back to Life!

    What looks like a dried up clump of leaves magically opens into a green, living plant when placed in water! Adapted to desert environments, the Resurrection Plant can stay in its dormant state for up to 50 years! It will continue to switch between the two phases depending on water availability. … Find out more!

    The Resurrection Plant – Spring Back to Life!
  • Clerodendrum Bleeding Heart

    Clerodendrum thomsoniae 'Bleeding Heart' … Find out more!

    Clerodendrum Bleeding Heart
  • Rex Begonias!

    With leaves like these, who needs flowers? Colorful assortments of Rex Begonias available this spring! … Find out more!

    Rex Begonias!
  • Sweetheart Hoya

    Feel the LOVE!  Try a case of our Hoya Hearts for Valentine's Day. Included pencil allows customers to write a permanent message on the leaf. … Find out more!

    Sweetheart Hoya
  • Carnivorous Plant Collection

    ***New Display Tray for 2015***A grower’s choice assortment of carnivorous plants that catch or trap and eat insects, these extremely unusual plants will really “capture” the interest of your customers!  Book now for Spring 2015! … Find out more!

    Carnivorous Plant Collection

Nursery Liners

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